Are you still, planning for your online business?

Let speed up your entrepreneurial journey, Let launch your online business with my help.

Choose your reasons to start an online business for you.


Quit the 9-5 race

To achieve financial independence for life give up the 9-5 job. Owning a successful online business isn’t just a nice way to make some extra cash. It can also be extremely fun and liberating.


Your Work is Your Own

When you work for someone else, all of your efforts go to helping a business that doesn’t belong to you. As an entrepreneur, your effort goes to increasing the value of something (a business) that you own outright.

No -risk

It’s Low-Risk

The Internet has changed things. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for real estate, you can pay less than $100 a year for a domain name and hosting. Instead of paying thousands more on marketing, you can start a social media platform for free.


The flexibility of your time

Depending on the type of online business, you can have much more flexibility in creating a work schedule that works for you. You can choose what time of the day you want to work, how many hours you want to work and what days of the week you want to work as long as you set your business up efficiently.


Learn something new every day

Even if one day you were able to learn everything involved in making money online, you would wake up the next day and have more to learn. As an online entrepreneur, the better you’re able to keep up with up-to-date technologies, techniques, and trends, the easier it will be for you to be successful.


Provides limitless freedom

Modern technology, laptops, tablets, business apps and VOIP communication systems are just some of the tools that allow businesses to be operated from any location. Next time you are in a Starbucks take a look around -- I guarantee someone is working on their online business or startup while connected to wifi and sipping their favourite coffee.

━ Let Start

How It works

  1. Find an idea for your business.
  2. Choose a roadmap to start the business.
  3. Keep Learning and grow your business.
  4. Master your time.
  5. Quit the regular job.

If still, you don’t have a business idea for you. Don’t worry, I have roadmaps for the most successful and fascinated online businesses. Hence choose a path for yourself and start learning.

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━ About me

Hi, I am Amit

I used to work as Software Engineer, but now enjoying my entrepreneurial journey.
This Journey started from my second year in Engineering college, then with the job I keep on working on it in my spare time.
Finally, in 2019, start working full-time as an entrepreneur. Today I am working on my online and offline businesses.
I want to help peoples who are also planning to start an online business with the job. I’ll teach you how to build a long-term, sustainable and profitable online business.
This is my personal blog. It is focused on “building online businesses” where I share my journey and experiences with you. My goal is to create insightful and relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life. If you have an online business — or want to have one, then this blog is for you.


These are free guides that are essential for an online business.
These guides will teach you the fundamental concepts, strategies, and principles you need to succeed online.


Web Designing

To launch and grow an online business, you’ll need a website or landing page. We will provide you with the latest best practices for web designing. We’re here to help.



WordPress is the best and free tool for fast and easy web development. You’ll learn the latest best practices for WordPress.We’re here to help.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

To launch and grow an online business, you’ll need to know the latest best practices for marketing your brand online. We’re here to help.

The perfect step for starting an online business is to start learning at one stop. You may be wasting your valuable time searching for various courses over the internet.
Hence we are trying to provide you with a destination for learning, where you can learn all the required techniques for your online business through our listed courses.
Please go through our courses that will help you for building your business foundation.


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It’s a well-structured WordPress course for a person who is planning to become a blogger. This Course consists of all the latest knowledge to learn Blogging. As its name itself is telling us( i.e. A to Z for Bloggers).

the web designer


This is a well-Structured Course for learning web designing from the starting level to the expert level.​ If you are interested in web designing then it’s the perfect course for you. It consists of all the latest elements that a web designer must know.

During my journey till now, I experienced many problems managing my business smoothly. So, I want to share a few tried and tested tools, which helped me in my business. I hope the same will be helpful to you.


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Bluehost is our go-to hosting platform for all of our websites, including this one. Bluehost is a proven powerhouse in the website hosting industry. They allow you to host multiple domains under one account, which is super convenient.



Dropbox is building the smart workspace that transforms the way people work. It is a cloud-based document storage system of choice that easily syncs with all of our team’s computers and provides simple access controls.



Connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.

My Blog

My blog is focused on sharing my journey and experiences.
So follow and Build, grow and scale your online business with premier blog resources.