I love to help my clients to find the path to success.

Consulting is a unique “flavour” of freelancing in that you’re positioned even more as a trusted advisor vs. a straight hired gun freelancer.

Consult me  for the following needs :

  • Blogging
  • Web Designing
  • Startups
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Mobile and Software development
  • E-commerce

I have worked with more than 100+ brands working with more than 30+ freelancers, students and many companies.

FAQs Regarding Consultation :

Q 1: What will be the area for the Consultation?

Ans: How can I change my life, and what will be strategies to grow your business/blog/company.


Q 2: What will be the call Timing?

Ans: Once you book your slot for consultation, please mail the payment details to [email protected] with your available time slot. We will confirm the final timing for you based on the availability of the slot.


Q 3: Which medium will we contact?

Ans: We will be in touch via ‘Skype’ or ‘Zoom’  call.


Q 4: What should I prepare for the call?

Ans: Note down your queries and questions on a piece of paper and ask while on call.


Q5: What will be the duration of the call?

Ans: Call duration will be around 30 minutes which can be extended up to 1 hour if required.


Q 6: How will this consultation help me?

Ans: This consultation will help you get your queries solved, and my personal strategies will help you grow your brand. We can also make a customized plan for your growth based on the discussion.


Q7: Do I expect another call if I am not clear on any topic or by mistake I skipped any question?

Ans: Your satisfaction is our priority. You can reschedule another 1 more call for FREE.


Q8: Can I have a live consultation or meeting with you for my Queries? 

Ans: Yes, we can have a meeting, please mail us your agenda and other details on [email protected].We will connect with you ASAP.

For other queries and concerns, you can contact me.

Let’s Start Now

Connect with me for a personal session. I also provide personal guidance and mentorship for your business and career.