Consult Amit Chaudhary for the following needs :

  • Blogging
  • Web Designing
  • Startups
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Mobile and Software development
  • E-commerce

I have worked with more than 100+ brands working with more than 30+ freelancers, students and many companies.

FAQs Regarding Consultation :

Q 1: What will be the area for the Consultation?

Ans: How can I change my life, and what will be strategies to grow your business/blog/company.

Q 2: What will be the call Timing?

Ans: Once you book your slot for consultation, please mail the payment details to with your available time slot. We will confirm the final timing to you based on the availability of the slot.

Q 3: Which medium will we contact?

Ans: We will be in touch via ‘Skype’ or ‘Zoom’ audio call.

Q 4: What should I prepare for the call?

Ans: Note down your queries and questions on a piece of paper and ask while on call.

Q5: What will be the duration of the call?

Ans: Call duration will be around 30 minutes which can be extended up to 1 hour if required.

Q 6: How will this consultation help me?

Ans: This consultation will help you get your queries solved, and my personal strategies will help you grow your brand. We can also make a customized plan for your growth based on the discussion.

Q7: Do I expect another call if I am not clear on any topic or by mistake I skipped any question?

Ans: Your satisfaction is our priority. You can reschedule another 1 more call for FREE.

Q8: Can I have a live consultation or meeting with you for my Queries? 

Ans: Yes, we can have a meeting, please mail us your agenda and other details on will connect with you ASAP.

For other queries and concerns, you can contact me.

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