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Hi Guys,
Amit Chaudhary here, Welcome to my world.

I am an entrepreneur, an Online Business Consultant, a professional Blogger and an ex-employee of many top-level companies in the world.

I am Managing Partner of, a Delhi based solution development company providing all support and services to companies, businesses, and individuals in Web, Mobile, Software and Digital Marketing.

My Other Ventures and Projects :

  • CTO at Holygolee Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd. : HolyGolee pharmacy is a Delhi based startup company in a retail chain pharmacy.
  • Director/ CEO at Cyberlet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. : Software Company started in 2011, its a part of now.
  • Co-Owner of Dr. Lal PathLabs Collection Center Franchisee : A leading blood test laboratory of India. Dr Lal PathLabs have built a national network consisting of our National Reference Laboratory in New Delhi along with 190+ other clinical / medical laboratories, 1700+ lab patient service centers and 5,000+ pickup points as of March 31, 2017 with the widest test menu of 4500 tests and panels.


After completing my dream education for becoming a software Engineer, I started my career in 2010 as a web designer with a Delhi based startup software company.

But my entrepreneurial dream started in the final year of Engineering when I was working on a website for my college hobby club. During that experience, my work was recognized by HOD, which inspired me very much. After that, I decided to start my own software company after College.

During the first year of my job in Delhi, I used to dream of starting my software company as soon as possible. Finally, at the inception of 2011, I start executing my plan to start a software company based on my passion and knowledge gained till then.
Lastly, on 19 Feb 2011, I started my first company named Cyberlet Technologies.

I used to work for this new company in my free time at night and every weekend. After a few months, I got my first Client. This way my business started, I was working on the various projects for many clients with my remote Team. It was a virtual company without an office with all employees working remotely.

On the other hand, I was working as a job in many companies. I worked for a total of four companies. I learned a lot from different teams and clients in these companies.

I worked on around 500 Projects in these companies during my tenure of around 9 years. I got good exposure while working on many high profile projects for the government of India and some state governments in India.

With the passage of time, my salary and job profile was changing as I was switching my job. My Role changed from web designer to Software engineer to Senior Consultant. I learned in these roles from the Software Industry.

All was well, But in the end, I was not happy with such life. I was missing my freedom to work according to my dreams and plans. Actually I was selling my time to earn some money. Also, It was like that I was traveling on two boats together.

Hence I decided to focus on my own company. Since then I am working on my different ventures and projects. I also Established a few more companies.

I want to share my journey and experience with like-minded persons who are also planning or dreaming to start their online or offline businesses.

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